Excerpts from my Kindergarten report card

May 26, 2012 7:43 am Published by 2 Comments

The Cottage School, Boulder, CO. Spring 1986

  • “He sometimes has problems controlling his energy, yet is able to listen and follow directions well.”
  • “Logan enjoys reading our Public Library books.”
  • “Logan gets excited about doing art projects but seems to steer away from this area during free choice.”
  • “He often tires about 11:30, feels puny and wants hugs. Lunch usually brings him out of this slightly torpid .. state.”
  • “His biggest drawback is his tendency to desert one work for another, leaving a mess behind.”
  • “Continues to be constantly curious and able to assimilate information with amazing ease.”
  • “He has finally begun to respond to requests that he refrain from always blurting out the answers during group lessons.”

Sound like anyone you know?

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  • Geoff Ingalls says:

    Thanks for “blurting” this out. I knew you would enjoy seeing some of the things we brought you from the storage locker.

  • Brian says:

    Do you still feel puny around 11:30 every day?

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