It’s one my few yearly traditions to check the list of movies nominated for Oscars and see how many of them I’ve seen through the year. I never do very well, not because I usually see crappy movies, but more because I usually don’t see very many movies. The 80th Annual Academy Awards nominees were announced today, and here’s how I did.

Category # seen
Best Picture 1
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 1
Best Director 1
Best Screenplay 2
Best Adapted Screenplay 0

If these had been announced 2 weeks ago (before I saw Juno), the only point I’d have got would have been the Best Screenplay nomination for Ratatouille. There are at least 9 more points listed on my Netflix queue (No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, and The Butterfly And The Diving Bell), but I doubt any of those DVDs will come out before the awards ceremony press release.