In 2006, I hardly did any better than the year before. I’ve hardly seen any of the Oscar-nominated movies.

Category # seen
Best Picture 1
Best Actor 0
Best Actress 0
Best Director 0
Best Screenplay 1
Best Adapted Screenplay 0

The Departed, The Queen, and Children of Men are all still very high on my “to-see” list. Those three alone would push my combined total up to 9. The AP contrasts this year’s Best Picture nominee field with last years – they claim that there’s no immediate widely-accepted favorite. (Of course, last year’s favorite didn’t win..)

Update 26 Feb: For the first time since 2003, I saw the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture (The Departed) in a first-run theater before the night of the awards. That was the only additional top-award nominee I saw, but it brought my total up to six. The only other award winner I've seen is An Inconvenient Truth, which I coincidentally saw just this weekend.